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You Might Need Supers If.......

The bees are roaring with activity the past couple of weeks. The momentum is building. Dandelions were staggered with a week of very cool weather that ultimately divided the bloom rather than waste it. Weather was good for about half of the black locust bloom. Now we have decent heat as the clovers begin to open and basswood nears. The honey prospects are the best I've seen in five years, and the forecast looks favorable. Last night we even had a perfect little overnight shower to stimulate the plants without washing out the nectar. The second hive body has gotten very weighty in the past couple of weeks as I've shot around putting on boxes. Here are a couple of pics from last night as I closed out the daylight hours. A lot of the doubles are in exactly this condition--beautifully prosperous and showing potential for a great crop. Incredible that this yard was split just three weeks ago, very heavily. If not for splitting them, they would be totally full of swarm cells. Delay from a heavy rain would have sent a sad number of my bees into the trees. Fingers crossed for continued good fortune and hive vigor!!!
I've seen quite a lot of division board feeders with fresh comb in the overwintered hives. Alas for an early flow without boxes everywhere!--maybe some of it will move up if the weather stays favorable:
I was really happy that I did not have to finish supering with illumination from truck headlights like I did the night before in melon land---and then I got a call to pick up a nearby swarm which I hived from the limb of a fruit tree with the aid of headlights once again. There is a bonus to an evening swarm call--you know it will still be there when you show up. Hopefully the queen made it into the box.

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