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Too cloudy for bees

For the record, seventy degrees is too warm to have a two pound package totally blocked up. The bees were more than ready to have some fresh air at those temperatures. I had partially unblocked the entrance before I opened the lids, otherwise a lot more bees would have wound up in the air. I sprayed them with syrup again to keep more of them down on the frames. I also have the distinction of my first accidental queen murder. I rapped a queen cage on the top of bare frames to knock the bees off. Guess who walked underneath the cage as it struck wood? Goodbye queenie. Speaking of questionable maneuvers, we got the flatbed unstuck yesterday afternoon. We hauled the Swinger over to pull it out, and one of the newish trailer tires went flat as soon as we arrived. Just a lucky streak? Now I must admit that I forgot to take the camera for a picture of the sunken truck, but I'll make up with a couple of package bee pictures. Now it looks like a rainy day, so I'm off to organize some boxes for splitting when it turns dry again.

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