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Comb Carts and Bobcat Joy!

Several years ago I pulled a few bread carts from a grocery store dumpster pile. They're not real pretty since the angle iron is rarely well-painted, but the casters on those things are several cuts above what most people would buy for a similar purpose. Maybe some year I'll get motivated enough to polish them up and repaint them, but the past few years have seen them stacked on a pallet doing nothing useful as I've gotten the Mount Vernon place more organized. The comb crop looks pretty good this year, so it seemed like those carts needed to serve their purpose again. In the past I had cut down a few little pallets to sit on top of them. It worked okay but didn't seem quite right. This year I realized I might make them pretty heavy duty with some of the random 2x material that has accumulated over the past few years. Most of it was inherited from the previous owner of my current home. It's amazing what people leave behind. Anyway, I chopped up some free boards and made some pretty respectable carts for the comb crop and any other uses that follow.
The 2x boards aren't fastened at all. They sit right down in the angle space, and there are little lips on each end to serve as retainers. I figure it will be easier to clean them or stow them away if the boards stay loose. We'll see how it goes. They will be able to haul a lot of comb and keep the pristine frames from smashing together like would occur on a normal hand truck that tips backward on two wheels. The point is to keep them pretty. Comb is too hard to produce to treat it poorly. It was also a nice job for the miter saw and stand that I got at separate mega-sale opportunities in the past couple of months. They're not big or fancy enough for a real wood-shop warrior to be proud, but it was a low-dollar way to get a lot of functionality for the types of pieces I usually cut. The stand is a folding one that wheels around, and that is worth a lot for me since my shop space is small, and I often prefer to cut outside.
I am definitely the only one on the place likely to get excited about this cart thing. For more universal sources of happiness, Andrew found his inner joy with a solo moment in a Bobcat :)
The real task today was getting the extracting line in shape. I have (hopefully) just a tiny bit of plumbing to conclude before we can get rolling. I think I've solved a couple of important kinks from last harvest, but I won't go public on those until I find out if they worked. Here we go!

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