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"Bee Thankful" Pumpkins :)

It's the week of excellent dishes and baked goods boasting honey components--Happy Thanksgiving! There was a lovely array of bee pumpkins to celebrate the season at the conference mentioned in the last post. Feel the holiday season begin with ornamentation from the bee world!
The bees are almost perfectly nestled up for winter. If it blizzards tomorrow, I won't be too distraught. One mini project was beefing up the syrup hose after the old garden hose that I used for several years gave up the ghost. The new one is fancier but also has a lifetime warranty at the hardware store down the road and has better fittings to help it endure. By the time it dies I may forget that it has a lifetime warranty. The female fitting linked to the pump's plumbing is about two inches long:
And away we go! The cord trailing out of the tank is an immersion heater. Colder weather means some heat is needed for the pump to work properly (though not too much heat, or else the syrup will develop toxins that would defeat the purpose of winter feeding).

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