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Very Sweet Heat!

I passed the recent week of rain in a fairly anxious state. The clovers were just starting to yield when several days of significant deluge and cool temps struck. Some hope remained with higher temps in the forecast with less rain. Our dreams seem to be coming true, if only we can hold the trend for a couple more weeks! Everything is blooming right now. Basswood is winding up, clovers are strong, and soybeans are open. There is not going to be any strategic staggering of the main floral sources in summer's peak, so we need to make hay (honey) right now.  I saw uniform progress in surplus collection on whole pallets for the first time this summer. Check it out! White Uncapped Wax Means Honey Coming Fast The heat is wonderful. June heat is the key to having above average yields most of the time. Today it probably got steamier than the bees really wanted however--temperature control was definitely a priority. Steamy Bees: Heat Index 106F Today.... We humans have Dairy Queen at our disposal whenever respite is needed! Adam & Andrew Ice Cream Party! Oh, my favorite lilies are blooming too :) Good week :) Lovely Lilies

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