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Andrew's Latest Adventures!

This morning I told Andrew that I needed to fill up a few buckets of honey before preschool. Naturally, he decided that bucket filling should be his morning adventure! Now we have the photo evidence above of his first foray into filling up the bulk containers that provide honey for our serious users :) He was impressed with how quickly we can fill them using the large brass valve. Years ago we only had smaller valves intended for filling personal use containers, and that indeed took quite some time to fill up gallons or buckets. Every little adjustment for the better seems like such a discovery!

A Pallet of Buckets Recently Destined for Virginia! Andria Did a Great Job Prepping These Dozen Buckets!

We are getting more experienced with the shipping world as we become more diversified in the types and volumes of products that we distribute. It's amazing how many details there are to ship different types of items around the country, even when working in a very focused and family-sized business like ours. I guess that's why so many people are making a fortune on logistics-related businesses! Our in-house packing situation needed some improvement, so Andrew and Grandpa teamed up to make Mommy a short-legged table that can hold a bunch of boxes and materials at a convenient height.

Nice Teamwork Andrew and Grandpa Curt!
Proud of His Work! And Climbing On Shipping Tables Is Evidently Fun As Well!

It was just a few years ago when the garage/woodshop they worked in was a rotting heap of floating studs and disintegrating windows! Hurray for all of the projects that come out of this space now!!!

Now we will be able to speed up the packaging process and help everyone receive their products all the more efficiently. Thanks team! Of course we use the heavyweights like USPS, UPS, and FedEx with frequency, but we've also been happy to get more familiar with Spee-Dee Delivery. Spee-Dee is a Midwestern based shipper that can save you a fortune on package and LTL freight if you're in the upper Midwestern states that they service. We are fortunate to have a brand new 30,000 square foot Spee-Dee facility a short drive from our home that opened last December. Packages away!

The Trucks and Vans Lined Up for the Night in Their New 30,000 Square Foot Facility in Marion, Iowa

One of the facility managers noticed that Andrew was fascinated with what was going on in the warehouse, so he invited us back for a tour and shared explanations of everything underway. We left happy! Let the adventures continue!

Thanks for the Tour Spee-Dee Delivery! Pre-departure Photography by Andrew!

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