Woodman Extractor For Sale

I’ve had a number of people searching for Woodman Extractors arriving at this blog, so I wanted to point out that I still have the 50-frame machine that I picked up last year in a “buy everything to get what you want” situation. As I wrote in last year’s blog, I think it’s a pretty wonderful machine that doesn’t need a huge amount of work. I’m sure I will use it eventually if it stays at my place, but for now I do have it for sale. Here’s a link to the Craigslist ad for anyone who is interested.


And here’s the reference to my comments from last fall.

In the meanwhile, I am clearing off my hives and getting mite treatments underway. The goldenrod is just coming into bloom, but with the early brooding this year it seems like the best choice to get all the boxes off and get the mites out of the picture. I hope everyone’s harvest is going well!