Used Cowen Uncapper for Sale (Sold! July 2017)

We have a used Cowen uncapper for sale down at the Lynnville location. It’s a gravity slide model comparable to the “Silver Queen” style, though it predates the era of stainless steel as the standard construction material. I picked it up about a year ago when I bought a bunch of other things from someone going out of business. It needed substantial work, but luckily we have a mechanic in the family (my dad) who put in a bunch of new parts and got it looking great again–at least for something in the used realm at a fraction of new price.

Harvest season is upon us in the Midwest, so I figure there might be some takers. It has an auger tray on it right now. It wouldn’t be difficult to switch it over to a different tray system.

Here are some photos I took on my last visit.

To talk price and arrange viewings (Lynnville, IA), contact Phil Ebert at or phone 641-521-6361.