Somebody left the faucet running

I was planning to go and check a few yards today. I didn’t really expect to see a lot of honey given the latest weather, but I was curious to see if a few of them had blown over from some recent winds. So what happens? Late yesterday afternoon winds (some around 75 mph) blew through parts of central Iowa and dropped at least 2.5″ in Grinnell. I’m sitting out today in hopes of things drying up enough that I won’t tear up the ground driving into the yards….also trying to avoid getting stuck of course. There is allegedly a good chance of more rain after 1 a.m. tonight. Smashing.

Several years ago I recall getting ready to go back to Iowa State with a very poor crop on the hives in August. Then the honey started coming in the next couple of weeks, and that saved us from a hopeless crop. We are getting to the end now–if things don’t pick up soon we will be semi-skunked. Some yards still have basically nothing.

For today’s illustration, here is Alex in the midst of a memorable spring-time attack.