Queen Delivery Stories

Here are the words of a happy customer that got his shipment and delivery in the best possible manner:

“Just wanted say that the 2 queens arrived here Winona Texas yesterday. They arrived at post office over 20 miles away. The postal delivery driver had already left on her route. The Postmaster drove the bees over in her own car, 43 mile round trip. This meant they arrived a day early. Many thanks to you and USPS for fantastic service.”

That is a story connected to the USPS’ “Express” service. They generally do very well with that category of mail.

Then again, I very occasionally have someone open their package and find a dead queen. This buyer ordered four queens, but found that only three cages held a healthy marked queen. Here is the casualty:

While sad, this customer did exactly the right thing by emailing a picture of the dead queen immediately. I will replace her for free without question.