Queen Availability Update

I decided that I had better get some more Carniolan queens on hand for people that need immediate shipment. It’s great to be sold out of the Iowa queens in advance, but a lot of people need quicker delivery. Therefore, I have shipped in a supply of quality Carniolans that will be available for $24 each during the month of July/early August. We’ve used these queens for years in spring splits before the Iowa weather allows us to produce our queens, so we can vouch for them due to extensive experience with them.

I’m still taking orders for the 2nd half of August on the Iowa Queens.

Thanks again for all the calls–it’s fun to hear from people all over the nation looking for a good Carni!

And because every blog needs a picture :), here’s a picture of me with the winning bidder (Minoa Uffelman) holding 5 lbs of Pure Iowa Honey at the Agricultural History Society’s annual conference in Springfield, Illinois this past June. Income from the auction supports graduate students traveling to the conference.