Single Deep Hive (sold out 2021)


These single deep hives will contain at least 5 frames of bees with an established laying queen (Italian/Carniolan hybrid).  The unit comes with 8 frames, a division board feeder, a newer deep hive box to hold the frames and bees, 1 used lid, and 1 NEW bottom.  This is a much better deal than packages or nucs if you need equipment.  They will grow very quickly, so please be sure to have another hive body with frames when they are ready for more room.  These singles will be ready in the first half of May.  You will be notified about pick-up when they are nearly mature.

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Singles cannot be shipped and will need to be picked up. Please select which location you prefer for pick up.

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Single Deep Hive – Ready for Spring!

Want to start fresh? You can purchase a single deep hive and get a head start on the season!

Thank you for purchasing your single deep hive from Ebert Honey. We are happy to provide you with high quality solutions for your honey packing needs. Ebert Honey has been in business since 1980, and pride ourselves in excellent customer service and quick delivery.