Italian Package Bees (3 LB)


You must pre-order package bees! Bees cannot be shipped.  We will contact you as soon as we know when they can get picked up.  Pick up happens in the first half of April.  Thank you! 

1-25: $131 online
26-50: $128 online
51+: $125 online
$7 Cage Deposit Per Item
You may bring back your packages from last year for a refund. They must be clean, in good repair, and match our existing California packages.

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Package Bees (arrival the first half of April in Mount Vernon and Lynnville, IA)

Package bees come in a screened package.  They come in sizes of 2lb or 3lb and include a mated queen.  You can select Carniolan or Italian queens.  These are Italian bees.  See our full Product Line if you prefer a different option. Many beekeepers use packages to repopulate their deadouts in the spring or to add new colonies.  Packages grow quickest in equipment that already has drawn comb, but they can build on foundation if you keep them well fed. If the temperatures are cold at the time of installation, they need the feeder directly on top of the cluster or in a division board feeder that they can reach.  Keep in mind that the queen has not been accepted by the package bees since she was very recently mated and caged, so it is important to check your hive for queen activity in the first two weeks.  Small numbers of packages can be transported in any vehicle with some caution depending on the temperature.  Larger numbers need to be transported in a well-ventilated truck or van.  The package cages are generally bee tight, but please be prepared for a cage that leaks a few workers or attracts some hitchhikers!