10 lb Unfiltered Beeswax


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Our pure beeswax is is pure and smells lightly of honey.  This wax is unfiltered, so small particles will still remain in the wax.  It is excellent for multiple applications including cosmetics, candle making, and industrial and trade applications.  We do have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS / MSDS) for our wax, so that it can be used in laboratory settings as well.  Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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Wholesale prices are available for orders over 100 lbs. Contact us for more information and freight shipping rates! Beeswax can be used in a multitude of applications including candlemaking, cosmetics, industrial applications, and production of natural remedies. Beeswax offers a host of health benefits as well as a natural solution for a variety of industrial and personal uses. We can offer beeswax in any quantity necessary. Please contact us for the best shipping quotes for orders over 100 lbs.


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