1 lb Beeswax Block


Wholesale prices are available for orders over 100 lbs. Contact us for more information and freight shipping rates! Beeswax can be used in a multitude of applications including candlemaking, cosmetics, industrial applications, and production of natural remedies. Beeswax offers a host of health benefits as well as a natural solution for a variety of industrial and personal uses. We can offer beeswax in any quantity necessary. Please contact us for the best shipping quotes for orders over 100 lbs.

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Beeswax has multiple personal and industrial applications. The options for beeswax utility are endless!

From candle-making to waterproofing, beeswax is a wonderful natural product that can fulfill the needs of a wide range of customers. Many people also use beeswax in cosmetics, such as lip balm and lotion. It is also an excellent ingredient for soap-making.

Explore the possibilities of beeswax!