May and apple pollination pictures

It has been a busy month since we dealt with package bee orders. I’ll try to put up a few entries in short order to cover everything that has been going on. At the moment we are in the very last stages of splitting the overwintered colonies to make new hives, but most of them are building up for the much awaited honey flow. I’ve seen quite a bit of nectar coming into the broodnests right now, and black locust is having a strong bloom this year.

But for today I want to look back at some apple pollination pictures. We delivered bees to two orchards on the first Sunday in May. Alex and I did one load in the morning, relaxed for a few hours in the afternoon and then delivered another load at twilight. It made for a long day but everything went smoothly. All the bees came out of the orchards looking much stronger than when they were set in the trees.

Pulling orchard bees

Bees in the orchard

A bee at work in the apples

Here I’m hauling the hives out of a Pella orchard.

Lifting them up onto the truck

And away we go!