June weather

Well, it’s starting to feel disturbingly cool for June. It is pretty comfortable for most people to have the temperature below eighty degrees, but I start to worry about the bees. Sometimes they bring in some June honey when the temperature is in the mid-seventies. I recall a summer many years ago when it was never terribly warm, rained at night every two or three days, and the bees still managed to produce a decent crop. The recent rain hasn’t just been at night however. I see some nectar coming into some of the parent colonies–even into some of the honey supers rather than the brood chambers.

In any case, the main honey flow rarely comes before July in our area. There should be a few more weeks before it’s time to get really concerned. Still, I think if it warms up we could get a nice honey flow right now–every time the weather turns for the better they are really getting out on the Dutch clover. Some of the pastures look like it rained flowers on them.

Despite the relative coolness, the bees have thrived to this point. Here is an image of a heavy load of pollen with some nectar in a nice fresh comb. It is proof of their energy despite some cooler temps.