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Iowa the Winter Wonderland 2019

For the last couple of weeks, the snow just keeps hitting the Midwest! We haven’t had this much snow in the first two months of the year for over a century. Impressive! I probably have a little higher threshold for the end of winter since there have been a couple of escapes to visit the portion of bees we sent to California. As a result, I took a few pictures rather than bemoan the last couple of snowfalls! I still have vivid memories of shoveling rural driveways by hand for many years, so I actively enjoy the relief of using a skid steer Bobcat to do the job instead. I don’t have an enclosed cab or heat, but it still beats spending three or four hours moving the fluffy stuff by hand!

A Very White Landscape at the Ebert Honey HQ This Morning!!!

We will all be so happy when the warmth returns and activity is humming in our little farmstand by Highway 1. For now, the sign sure stands out while framed in white!

The Farmstand Awaits the Buzz of Summer and Spring Bizness!

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