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Iowa State Fair 2018!

We made another voyage to Des Moines for the famed Iowa State Fair a few days ago. The Iowa Honey Producers Association had lots of folks to entertain while preparing honey lemonade for the masses 🙂 The second floor of the Agricultural Building brings bees and honey to the people every year.

The Beloved IHPA Volunteers!

One of our highlights was listening to Sammy deliver her 4H speech about her backyard beekeeping experience (yes she moonlights on us), and she received the esteemed Seal of Merit! Yay!

Sammy With Proof of Excellence!

I didn’t get to a number of my usual stops on a typical state fair outing….somebody else discovered the rides and his life was changed forever!

Andrew Likes to Share the Fair! New Friend Number 10!

And I may be a corrupting force, but I did let him discover the state fair corn dog too. It didn’t last long.

It Comes with a Stick???

He also requested that we return. Especially for the rides I suspect.

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