Grain Bin Bees

Well, the truth is that the bees aren’t in a grain bin (as the title of the post would suggest.) Instead, they are sitting on the pad that hosted a grain bin until quite recently. This is a new spot near Mount Vernon that is convenient for me to visit, so I happily accepted the opportunity to set a few hives on the property. Here is the grain bin circle of bees!

It is also a location with all the charms of a longtime farmstead! It is indeed one of my regrets that I have no old barns on my current property.

I also setup a lovely new location in a grove of trees next to a pond today. Unfortunately, it was almost dark when I got done queening the nucs, so the photo light was not opportune. Perhaps next time!

In further good news, the landowner where I placed the grain bin bees was kind enough to give me a few paw-paw, hickory, black locust, and chestnut seedlings–now I just need to find the right spots!