A new beeyard

This morning Alex and I moved several pallets into their permanent spot in a new location. The landowner has hosted our bees in one spot or another for the last fifteen years–now some land juggling has us at his future homestead. In total contrast to the homebuilders that wanted our bees off their land earlier this spring, Rusty asked us to put bees at the site where he wants to build a new home and dig a pond. Twenty-four colonies sit in the clearing I made yesterday, so he shouldn’t have any shortage of honeybees to watch from his porch.

As soon as we got done with the morning move, the rains returned in earnest for a couple of hours. Clearing skies permitted me to start some more queens in the afternoon, but the forecast tells me that substantial rain is on the way for the next couple of days. We’re starting to have some pressure to get the bees supered before Anthony’s wedding this month. There may be supering in the rain if the weather persists in this manner. Ick.