A Hot Hive and Pollen Arrives

I still have a couple of locations that have winter wraps and entrance blocks. It’s only a problem for well-populated hives. I think this one might be a bit steamy (the temp peaked around 78F today):

That hive was the only one bearding up the entrance in a yard of twenty. At least they’re not all overcrowded. I’m trying to get all of them unwrapped because it stimulates swarming when they can’t keep the interior temperature low enough. The next several days are supposed to be in the 60s, so it’s unlikely that I’d have a problem. Nonetheless, I’m being careful because it’s just plain disappointing to have your best hives head for the trees.

Both tree pollen and dandelion pollen are coming in right now. Here’s an entrance block that shows a colorful array of evidence from lots of workers trying to get through a tight space!

The day ended significantly cooler and rainy, which I suppose is good. The ground has been extremely dry, and I’m happy to see the moisture that will help give the flowers a boost.