A Honey House Surprise!

We continue to truck along with the 2018 honey harvest. The barrels are filling as the pressure mounts to stay on top of the parasite loads. As we were working in the extracting room yesterday, I spotted some pink “honey” in a frame we uncapped for the extractor. My first thought was that the bees had discovered a pile of overripe watermelons and sucked the juice from them…that has happened before. Upon looking a little closer, there wasn’t just some pink sweetness poked into those cells! Our new recruit tasted it and suspected that they plundered a pile of jelly beans! Somehow those bees got some melted down candy into their hive lives!

The Bees Got Jelly Bean Jollies?

Pretty soon I will go down to Muscatine melon land and see if some of our other bees went for the fruit rather than the candy!

In the meanwhile we will keep harvesting away! Here is our new recruit Wynne keeping after the work!

Wynne Lives the Honey Life!

She is also learning to cart around 700 lb barrels. Impressive!

Conquest of Barrel Tipping Technique–No Small Feat!