2015 Queens!

I am once again winding down the academic year at Mount Mercy, so that means 2015 queen sales are about to get underway in earnest. It’s usually possible to get them from my place north of Mount Vernon on Hwy 1 too, but it’s important to call/email me first to make certain that I have them available on a particular day and to confirm that I am around to hand them out. I update inventory at www.ebertqueens.com on a week-to-week basis, but I generally have them available until sometime in August.

Over the past several years I’ve figured out an affordable shipping system through USPS. It’s key to have good people at the originating post office, or else things can go quite badly. For the past few years, very few queens have gotten misdirected or cooked in mailboxes (though there have been some casualties, they have been less than 1% in most years).

The folks at the Mount Vernon office have designed some friendly looking signs to to help everyone recognize that there are perishable critters en route to their new homes:

We will hope that this year’s ladies find their way safely as well!