2011 Package Bee Prices

The next few weeks are an important time to investigate whether or not your survivors need feed. The syrup truck makes one or two visits to our place every year. This is from last April:

We know that winter is winding down when the package requests start coming in every day. This week is supposed to be in the 20s and 30s, so there will probably be a a fair number of people checking what is alive here in Iowa.

We’ve recently posted the package prices for this spring.

2011 Package Bee Pricelist

These are the package prices for quantities of 1-9.

2-pounds with queen $68
3-pounds with queen $80
4-pounds with 1 queen $99
4-pounds with 2 queens $115

For the full chart of prices and quantities and ordering details, please refer to:

Remember that we do not ship bees–they have to be picked up when they arrive in April in Lynnville (Iowa) or Hamilton (Illinois). See our location at: http://www.eberthoney.com/Location.html#Location

Good luck as everyone checks their winter survival!!