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Package Bee Arrival 2016

by Jorge


The 2016 package bee season is underway! For people interested in acquiring bees for this year, there is still some space on the second load that will arrive in early May. The early April load is already stacked up in our Lynnville building waiting for their owners to get them.

After all of these years, we also finally have a nice sign posted to let people know they've arrived at the Lynnville location!

2016 Project Update

by Jorge

Well, I'm not quite done with a few of the spring chores, but there are major forward steps on the tasks I mentioned in the last post.

The Lynnville team got the new deck on the trailer and looking quite fancy. My dad kindly drilled almost all of the holes to put it together. Now I have it over in Mount Vernon and ready to haul.

The garage interior still needs some paint and a visit from the electrical fairy, but it is getting very close. Here is Matt putting on a new coat of paint:

And here is a finished wall with a couple of windows that I built into the north wall. I like light and seeing who is coming and going in the driveway:

My youngest worker became very fond of DeWalt drivers during the garage project--I hope it sticks with him! Of course, he has on a trusty Mann Lake hat as well.

Spring Projects 2016

by Jorge

Putting up some photos of the refurbished Woodman has inspired me to share a few photos of other items on the list for completion before splitting season hits in April.

In the equipment realm, the Lynnville crew is working on putting a new deck on the overdeck trailer that I'll be pulling this summer. Some of the boards are on it now, but I'll try to get a pic when it's all done.

I'm also finally diving into the small garage that I'm transforming into a workshop. I knew the window spaces were totally rotten, but it turned out that there was quite a bit more work needed to shore up the framing than I anticipated. Kicking the siding in a couple of places made the whole wall shake because several studs were no longer attached to the mudsill. Some areas on the concrete floor didn't really have wood in any form--it had totally decomposed into rich-looking dirt. Here are a few peeks from the stripped down save-the-building phase. The end is in sight now, so it should only be a couple of weeks before I can put up images documenting the contrast.

Hopefully finishing these projects will help me keep this guy's honey bear full!

Early Spring 2016

by Jorge

The mild winter is swiftly turning very springlike. High temperatures for the next ten days range from the upper fifties to seventy, and tree pollen started coming today. I'm nervous for orchard growers who will almost certainly face an early bloom and threat of a frost during the pollination period, but hopefully all goes well on that front.

In the meantime, I will focus on the consequences of early spring in the bee yards. Brood production will start to ramp up immediately at the present temperatures with pollen available. This will turnover the overwintered population more quickly, stimulate varroa increase, and consume honey/syrup stores at swifter rates. Since pollen collection precedes nectar availability in our region, there is always a threat that the hive will outstrip its carbohydrate supply when serious brood rearing commences.

Overall, however, I'm very happy about the warm temperatures and the opportunity for the bees to get an early jump on 2016 foraging.

Here is a video celebrating the moment!

2016 and the Refurbished Woodman

by Jorge

Another year of beekeeping is upon us! I've been idle on the blogging front for several months, but as usual, that means things have actually been very busy in the past few months.

The overall 2015 honey crop was pretty mediocre again--nominally better than 2014. Still, we got a crop and continue to service a growing list of grocery stores and bulk customers.

Happily, the bees look very good as we conclude a mild 2015-16 winter. The winter loss in my bees is 6% at the moment. There have not been a lot of years when we've had back-to-back single digit percentage losses. The weather looks very favorable for the next ten days, so things would have to get very ugly in March and early April to reverse the positive signs in hive strength.

In the meanwhile, I've been working on 4-way pallets for the 2016 hive expansion, and we've completed a pretty awesome refurbish job on an old Woodman/Dadant 50 frame extractor. It has an old Woodman reel, a stainless steel barrel that was pretty awful before a thorough wet sanding, and a Dadant speed control that is not in the picture. I'm looking forward to running it this summer! It's amazing what a lot of elbow grease, sandblasting, and a fresh powder coat can achieve! My dad is the mysterious man in the coveralls in the second picture. Several people put in some time to get this machine in good shape again. Despite all of that time, our expense was about 1/10th of the cost of a new extractor of similar size.

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