Fancy Hives and the Adventures of Little Man!

by Jorge

Earlier this year I sold a couple of nucs to a person with an intriguing hive system that I'd never loaded prior to this spring. This is the Apimaye system.

It's a pretty nifty setup that has a lot of logic worked into the equipment. The preceding pic is an image of the hives on the back of the truck and ready to go off and work for the summer. I live a simple life with wooden Langstroth-style boxes/frames, but I always get interested in the latest and greatest that people try out. The tops of these hives are convertible for accommodating solid or liquid food sources too, and that might be handy. Here's a further image from the website I linked:

Perhaps I'll hear some stories about how it worked out sometime in the future.

For now it's onward with the harvest and the mite treatments that will define our condition going into next year. Beekeeping is one of those activities where the "next year" really gets prefigured several months before the arrival of the spring period that gets the rest of the world excited. Grind grind away!

Andrew, on the other hand, is helping the little ones learn their first steps in the equestrian world :)