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The New Honey Extracting Space 2016

by Jorge

We're working to put a new honey extracting facility in the steel building at my place near Mount Vernon. I've traveled back and forth to our homebase in Lynnville for the past several years to extract the honey crop. Now a new extracting line is taking shape. A couple of days ago the truck pulled in ready to deliver the steel for finishing the interior!

We tried to lift the delivery with my faithful Bobcat, but ultimately the tractor forks came out. I was not familiar with this unloading system. The first image shows the forks in their stowed position, and the second obviously has them mounted for action:

I'm away at the Agricultural History Conference in New York right now, but I'll post pictures of interior progress when I return! May the honey flow!

The Flow Hive Visit

by Jorge


The big rage in beekeeping is The Flow Hive--get "honey on tap!" The Australian inventors raised something like $12 million through crowdfunding to launch their innovation and market it. No fear of undercapitilization anymore :) They have a very active Facebook group and it continues to attract people interested in at least experimenting with a system that lets you "extract" using mechanical frames that convert the surplus honey cells into channels that drain directly into a jar. There are a whole lot of pros and cons I could detail, but I don't have that kind of time this afternoon. In short, I don't think it's a worthless novelty, but it's also not going to be an innovation that radically impacts large-scale beekeeping.

Nonetheless, it is nifty to see that one of my nuc buyers loaded their four frames of bees into a Flow Hive and hauled it away. I hope their expensive foray into the latest and greatest in beekeeping innovation proves fruitful! It will be interesting to see if more of our customers embrace the same system!