Pollen Gathering in March

by Jorge

I decided to post a couple of pictures that show exactly how industrious the bees have been able to be in the past couple of weeks. The very first pollen of the year in Iowa tends to be kind of grayish, but as you can see, the yellow pollen is flowing in large quantities. Sometimes we are praying to see this kind of activity in the middle of April. It has already been underway for over two weeks.

A good number of dandelions are starting to pop out, (which means orange pollen and nectar), but I'll be feeding a few yards because the weather is uncertain this week. I really want to have a few more pounds of feed inside the hive before the weather turns rainier.

I am beginning to wonder when the black locusts are going to bloom. It's usually in May, but I won't be surprised by an April bloom this year.