Honey harvest

by Jorge

I have good news for everyone that has visited the Ebert honeyhouse: Comet, the mighty beekeeper dog, continues to thrive.

Actually, Comet tends to stay out of the way whenever bees are concerned, but he never misses the chance to run ahead of the truck when we drive to the queen yard. Then he commences to play in the creek and grass until he hears us open the door of the truck.

Luckily, there is other good news that is more related to the bees. It finally stopped being miserably cool and wet. Yes, it seems that everyone except the beekeepers were happy about seventy degree weather in July. No, it was not good for us. It was starting to look like the short honey flow at the end of June and beginning of July would represent the bulk of our crop. It would have been even worse than last year. Now we're back into the eighties and sunshine, and the bees are very busy. It's anyone's guess how long an August flow will run in our area, but there should be several more good days for most of the yards. Fingers crossed! (Toes too...)

There is not a lot of Dutch clover still in bloom compared to June and early July, but the wetness has kept some decent patches going in scattered locations.

As we begin to harvest this week, hopefully the boxes keep getting filled. Today will be the third day of honey pulling.