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Queen Bees for 2013

New website for queen bees!


Ebert Honey now has a new website dedicated to our queen bees! You can even place orders for queens online.


Adam Ebert handles our queen bees out of his location in Cedar Rapids.


In the spring, queens are brought in from Koehnen & Sons out of California for sale. Adam begins raising his own Iowa queens once the weather becomes favorable for queen rearing. The Iowa queens are often started in June.


Ebert Queens - Ebert's Queen Bees are raised in our Cedar Rapids location by Adam Ebert. You can place orders at EbertQueens.com.


If you have any questions about Ebert Queen Bees, please contact Adam Ebert at (319) 430-3514.



Adam Ebert grafting a line of queen cups.We raise queen beesfrom our own production line once the weather becomes favorable here in Iowa. Queen stock is selected from our best hives that produced over 200lbs of honey. Our queen line is bred from Carniolan breederstock that has worked very well for us.




Worker bees build and maintain the queen cells.Queen rearing is dependent on the early spring weather conditions. For this reason we plan to typically have our Iowa queen bees available after June 15th.



Honeybee larvae are very small, making queen grafting a challenge.

A steady hand is needed to graft the small larvae into the queen cups.


Newly grafted queen cups are inserted into a builder colony where the queen cells are built.

Here a new rack of queen cups is ready for development. The bees will continue the process by building the long queen cells over the cups.


A newly marked queen bee is ready to be inserted into a new hive.

A newly mated queen ready to begin laying eggs.

Wikipedia page about queenbees.Read more about Queen Bees on Wikipedia.



Queenbees and worker bees.


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